Day 40 – Sick note

Day 40 – Sick note

What do you do when you’re too unwell to teach? When your throat feels like it’s on fire and your voice makes you sound like a wrestler?
The answer practise your own skills on iMovie! The experience of editing on a Mac and iPad are quite different. I marginally prefer iPad as it’s responsive and tactile. Adding titles and theme tunes is a pleasure. It really is intuitive and allows you to work with and edit video simply and directly in the editing menu.
Lego characters are always willing participants in animations …they are non threatening so the creativity of the film maker is brought to the fore. As a teacher it is so important to know the tricks of the apps that you use with the children. Not just to calm your nerves but also to ensure that the time you do allocate to using creative apps in the classroom is quality time. If a task is left incomplete there is a tendency for the students to under value the time spent. The use of the device is seen as unimportant play, or even worse a treat. It’s imperative to give the right impression to the learners that using their device is a tool to improve their learnIng…and not to undermine the overall aim for learning to be enhanced and strengthened.

Digital Genius is a program run by Solutions inc, a Premium Apple reseller with whom I have a close partnership. They were instrumental in supporting the ongoing progress of the successful and acclaimed 1:2:1 project. Subsequently, I have been asked to oversee a series of training events which provide both students and teachers with the opportunity to practise their skills in order to encourage digital skills to be perfected. Even laryngitis has its positive side!

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