Day 42- Bare Bones

Day 42- Bare Bones

Drafting is defined as a preliminary version of a piece of writing…discovering the bare bones or essence of a genre of writing. This all sounds quite romantic and high brow, to an adult perhaps. As for those who enjoy using language, the word ‘draft’ still has connotations of giving the writer the freedom to try out ideas, to experiment and be creative!

However,  to a Year 5 or 6 student, drafting means a waste of time. It’s the time spent before getting down to the actual task. Why should you spend time having ideas only to dismiss them later in the process? That’s just daft.

Today, with all the Key Stage 2 students the tasks I set had refining ideas as a central learning object. This wasn’t always immediately evident to the students as in order to be successful the students needed to use prior knowledge, refine ideas, collaborate and get feedback from their peers and be disciplined enough to go with an idea that may not have been their first choice. This process ultimately produces a more robust end task as a result. The students just thought that I was holding them back before doing the ‘real task.’

After a class visit to Butser Farm; an iron age re-enactment village the children had experienced first hand the way of life for our ancestors living at this time. Previously in English and as part of the computing curriculum, these students had been working on designing and writing an advert. The advert creation focused on the skill of writing, persuasion and the spoken word.

What did I use in the classroom today? 

1) Teleprompter –

The self chosen groups were tasked with making a TV advert to promote a Bronze age artefact of their choice. The teleprompter would form a layer of resource that will enable the advert to be filmed with a professional edge. The ability for the students to add in their persuasive devices, like exaggeration and alteration was proof that the previous literacy skills lesson had sunk in!

2) Safari – images from Butser were chosen for the background of the advert. These images are copyright proof as they come from first hand sources. The children were shown how to carry out a safe search to ensure the image they chose was able to be shared legally.

3) Green Screen – Do Ink The fun and easy to use app allows the transformation of the built in iPad camera to become a magical transportation to a new world…any place. The first experience of this is truly a wow moment!  when the camera , on video function, is turned to something green, the image chosen is superimposed on the area – eat your heart out Harry Potter!

4) Book Creator Competition to make a comic

Year 5 & 6’s previous work on comic book features are being brought together and refined into the creation of a single comic strip. Today, the students worked with all media to trial and experience with ideas. Collage, pencil drawings and Lego comic creator all enabled the students to begin to piece together their entry for the competition.  Deadline March 31st, 2016. soon we’ll explore graphic design on iPad, but one step at a time! the drafting stage is the play that is essential for the connections to be made and experience to inform decisions.

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