Day 46 – Sharing Success

Day 46 – Sharing success…connected, collaborative and creativelearners

It is sometimes the atmosphere in a school that makes the place special. The intangible sense of belonging and striving for a common purpose. The harmony that is created from cooperation and a collective philosophy shared amongst both staff, pupils and parents. Today’s digital work typified this relationship, giving me the realisation that the layers of skills are building to provide the students with a flexible and creative way to learn and show their understanding.

How were the students & teachers  (& parents’ ) connected, collaborative and creative learners
Firstly Showbie contained the basic scaffolded resources. This was for teachers too as this app allows the teacher the freedom to tailor the resources to the needs of their pupils.

1) Year 3&4. Book Creator – was the vehicle that was chosen to showcase the layers of learning. Shared and opened in Book creator allowed every child the chance to get started and frame their understanding of the task.

2) Padlet – gave the class the opportunity to ‘magpie’ their ideas and support all learners.  This was used so that the class worked on a joint document at the same time and enjoyed the thrill that their contribution was as valued as their peer.

3) Green Screen by Do Ink – The children were paired with their learning partner to film themselves walking a tightrope.
The video was either shared back to Showbie or using Airdrop shared with others in the class.
Further, the classes compilation of work was added to a shared album in created photos which was then shown using Apple TV during parents evening on the big screen in the hall. The slideshow function in albums made the work look special by adding an effect and background music. This was also shared on the screens in the library and in the reception area to celebrate the learning throughout the school.

4) Collaboration between pupils’ was seen during the Year 1&2 session using the green screen when some Year 5 & 6 pupils were associate cameramen allowing their skills to be consolidated.

5) Staff continue to share resources through iTunes U or Showbie  providing the foil for confident learning both in terms of digital competency and open-mindedness to trying new tasks. Pedagogy is challenged and as a result refined.

6) Year 1 Students worked using Adobe Voice –  collaborating with their class mates to form the outline and structure of their recount text, then using the app retell the story in a series of voice overs with images taken from the original plans. Finally the final work was shared with the Year 6 pupils using the Apple TV.

Wherever the students were working today, connections were being made through guided discovery where creativity was celebrated through the collaboration that has been forged between the school community. Reinforcing that the two schools previously existing on two separate sites are becoming one school, strong and confident.

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