Day 52 – Calm

Day 52 – Calm

Year 5&6 are an enthusiastic bunch and work in a flurry of noise and excitement. Today however, it was calm.

Making the most of the circumstance I was keen to exploit the environment to push the usage of iPad as a tool to evaluate and refine learning. Making the tasks done on iPad as the centre to the learning sandwich rather than the tray of fancies at the end…The tasks planned centred on maths investigations which were mini assessments of prior learnt topics, disguised as a murder mystery.

The work was scaffolded and distributed through Showbie  split into smaller tasks to ensure the skill of deduction and evaluation of the task would be emphasised.

What have I used in the classroom today? 

1) Showbie, mark up tools available in the pro version which allows the pupils to annotate their work to show understanding.

2) Camera – to take screen shots of their maths work from their exercise books.

3) Scratchjr – The tutorials that were made by the pupils to guide their younger peers in this new coding app were made in a variety of video apps.
 iMovie to allow screen shots of the steps of the coding sequence to added to with a voice over, text titles and the visual speed manipulated to ensure understanding.
Replay screen shot images sequenced with additional titles to add an extra layer of understanding.
– Adobe Voice the simple and effective communication of edited screen shots with added voice overs.

All of the above apps are able to shared to photos and therefore the final stage of sharing back to Showbie is easy and seamless.

4) Numbers  – measurement assessment for Year 3&4 to assess their accuracy in measuring to the nearest mmm and combine their data handling skills of reading a table to illicit the correct information form a set of intervals.

In the classroom and after school at a staff meeting…

5) Trilby TV – Student ambassadors are a necessary part of any student engagement programme as it is the way that students can share their video captured in the classroom directly from the classroom to the digital signage around the school The motivation and self esteem gained by seeing their work on the main screens gives them additional boost as a different audience begin to assess their and they understanding. This gives the student the added impetuous of ensuring their work is of the highest quality. A worthy and meaningful motivation.

As the staff were signed on to Trilby TV easily with a QR Code link which enabled them to swiftly begin to engage with the sharing of the work going on in the classroom. The Easter egg hunt images made a quick and easy Repaly movie clip to ensure everyone can relive the seasonal events. Gardening club images also had the replay make over which was a wonderful example of what is possible in a very short time.

A bonus of shared links to public sites means that the QR generator frees up the teachers from additional steps of generating a separate QR code which can be used to make displays interactive or books come alive! Again the staff’s renewed motivation to embrace and include mobile technology into the classroom is refreshed.

All in all this made today a very productive day of learning, deepening the engagement levels with the learning but in a calm and very effective way.

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