Day 56 – Vitality

Supportive colleagues and students who are generous with their time, happy to share ideas and guide others when the going gets tough is a mark of a real community. The evidence is growing that the iPad is giving staff and students the vehicle by which they can deepen their understanding through collaborative learning. There is a tangible shift in pedagogy and approach to learning. The iPad is used to facilitate and support teaching in the pursuit to achieve a deeper understanding for all students. Therefore, a variety of approaches are promote to model these new learning practices.

Group work is targeted appropriately and students are encouraged to capture notes using their iPad to facilitate retrieval
Even the youngest students take responsibility to choose examples of good work and add them to their own digital portfolio in Showbie. Feedback and peer assessment and commonplace as are joint discussions with teachers.
Structured learning practices are encouraged and successfully developed from reception class .

The reflective practice that are being modelled to students are making an impact on teacher workload. The teachers find the work that requires comments can be appropriately and targeted accurately as the ┬ástudent has had the input in determining which work is assessed. Combining Book Creator with Showbie allows the learning road map to be navigated effectively. Building on success and support weaknesses. If this practice is mirrored by staff and self reflection becomes part of the discussion in the staffroom, pedagogy shifts and the curriculum is delivered in a student centred model. Benefiting many life skills are enhanced as a consequence- confidence, self belief and reliance is visibly raised. These beneficial effects are multiplied when the teacher takes time out of a busy day to reflect on their own practice. Is their teaching really developing the skills that they want to target. Honest and sometimes unpredictable results are found. Here I have used Replay to capture a snap shot of the classroom and used as a ‘learning thermometer’ to gauge the vitality of the learning … more information can be found on

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