Day 65 – Roll up or Roll back?

Day 65 – Roll up or roll back?

I know this is an over simplification and I should remember the name of the learnéd individual from my initial teacher training that put forward the idea of a continuous spiral of learning. As a maths teacher at heart – I believe this to be true. Children don’t just keep on learning because you give them more things to do…basically consolidation of concepts need revision (aside from the effects of child developmental stages) -confirming learning is life long. This seems at odds with how schools are now set up. Continuing demand to meet targets, hitting expected (age appropriate) attainment levels or goals throughout their school career. Evidence is needed at every stage, so today, I was conscious of the need to not always do something new but to revisit a topic or skill and take once step back to go two steps ahead.

So what did I use in the classroom today?
Showbie to distribute the resources or should I say to amend the existing resources – to look afresh at the same learning objective to encourage a different slant.
We began with a padlet to show our understanding and where the children needed the reinforcement.

This was followed by using a template in Numbers – yes Numbers for English – so that the focus was distilled to the appropriate skill rather than hoping that the children will learn it properly this time!

To consolidate learning the students were asked to make an Adobe Spark video with a partner to verbalise their thinking and this was uploaded to TrilbyTv so that it can be replayed in the background to facilitate learning.

This was then the basis of a student created Kahoot quiz which provided me with the evidence that the students know individually ( as they can also say when a hyphen isn’t used)  but also allows for those who still are unsure to practice and practice again in a motivating and competitive environment.
The students respond to this approach, a mash of individualised learning and supported collaborative work that together will ensure the whole learning community moves forward.

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