Day 70 – Advantage iPad

So what’s the advantage of having an iPad in the classroom?

Answer: Ease of planning, delivery of bespoke, rich and targeted resources, easy assessment and work flow and, and, and… Actually having thought about the advantages it’s hard not to be smug and be evangelistic about the iPad as a tool for learning. This week is creative curriculum focused on Wimbledon. 
What have I used in the classroom today? 

Showbie remains my go to app for sharing files and assessing children’s work, because of the reliable & flexible way I can add resources and the simple pathway for students to access and post their work. 
I use it without thinking and take for granted the amount of time it saves me in planning and marking work. 
By adding in links to Padlet  work is made challenging but interesting as we collaborate not just at the start of a lesson brain storming ideas but use it as an opportunity for AFl. Students like to look at others work, the inherent satisfaction of knowing your on the right track can make someone’s day. So, a interesting way is to upload video clips onto the Padlet so others can be inspired or encouraged to try a new angle in their own work. Here year 3&4 share their beta versions of alternative games based on tennis created in Scratch jnr. The recording of the video as evidence of work was also easily uploaded to TrilbyTv to share in the creative ways the children decided tho shape their task. This transforms the students ability to edit their work and improve or refine ideas. 

The older children used Hopscotch to work out their skills in positioning and movement using iPad.  
Advantages here are based on seeing exactly the skills of each partner, as pairing students can result in pre-conceived outcomes. But with this task, each partner is forced to show their ability as the task demands full participation from each person. So no-one left on the side lines of learning. 
As the school has a creative curriculum week based on Wimbledon, maths was a focus today and in Y6&5 was ran a Negative number tennis tournament. The students started by watching a video clip that I added to their Padlet showing the comparisons between Fred Perry and Andy Murray. This led to them watching a tutorial, that I had constructed in Explain Everything  on how to construct a negative number tennis court, the rules and how to score. This meant that the questions of those – who find aural instructions difficult to recall after the second instruction – remain independent in control as they could re-visit, pause and remain focuses. 

By taking photos whilst the class were working it is easy then to convert a series of images into a album and set up a slideshow as a plenary. The slideshow is motivating and allows for the students to relive and appreciate the work they contributed to the class success. It also means that the photos are easily accessible when making a video in Quik and then after tapping a few buttons uploaded speedily to Trilby Tv to create a QR code for the display or share on the screens for the community’s benefit. Advantage iPad. 

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