Day 71- Transformation complete?

As the end of term approaches it is a fitting time to reflect on how much has changed and whether targets have been met. In Barns Green Primary’s case they have been surpassed. The use of the iPad has now transformed learning and elevated teaching to new heights. Mobile technology is an accepted, everyday part of the tools employed to ensure learning is fun, accessible and appropriate. As an advocate it is all too easy for me to include iPad into my planning, my reward is when I see my colleagues picking up the baton and run with it – skills full, talented teachers embracing new ideas and ways of working and succeeding! 

What have I seen being used in school today ?

Teachers utilising the mobile device in their own classroom making huge strides in introducing opportunities for their students. This confirms that 21st century learning is not only an expected way to share an extend knowledge but it is developing our students into life long learners who have a greater degree of mastery and control of thier own journeys.

Working this afternoon on


videos and uploading to celebrate the work using
Trilby Tv. 


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