Day 80 – Functioning Perfectly

Working in a new language, whether French, German or for a computer is a challenge!

It takes practice and perseverance to turn an alien language into sense and finally fluency. Today, functions were the focus as the second attempt to write functions to solve problems ​consumed the class. Working in “talking partners”, with pen and paper , beanbags. Students worked from ‘abstract’ directly on to their playground.  As a teacher – the inspirational lesson ideas in the accompanying  iBook – functions are a pleasure to teach. There’s a real sense of shared challenge and almost a ‘advertising agency ‘ buzz when the smallest piece of  the puzzle is unlocked, the shared success is palpable. 

Using the blog in Seesaw as a learning journal – in conjunction with playgrounds – enables the students to capture a video from their screen withnthe code. This  can be peer-reviewed and if necessary debugged and re-edited to accomplish the task. 

The students were impressive in their forward thinking – I challenged the most able to reduce their code into the fewest possible elements. One group managed four repeats of their function ‘4gemcollectors’ – genius! 

The best part of any computing session is the peer reviews the following day when the students get to comment on the work added by a classmate.

They then use this and test it out for themselves. Spring boarding their own understanding and with it an enthusiasm for coding. Playgrounds is fast becoming the top of the pile for a task that challenges the students – choice of thinking skills, level of challenge and a fun immersive environment, makes it a winner. 

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