Dr Who?

Many curricular now include digital literacy. This should be celebrated!

Taking photographs on the surface is quite an easy skill especially with the high resolution cameras that come on the mobile devices. However, teaching the children to be discerning about the photos that they take will be a fantastic foundation in their lives.
Year two are presently studying the great fire of London, many primary schools up and down the land are doing exactly the same. As part of our computing curriculum these children are tasked to look at photography. So dutifully, today our class took their first steps into composing professional shots. Having started with selfies and now moved on to Tellagami’s. The aim was to research the Great Fire of London and use this as a scaffold for making a end product presentation to camera. This could utilise the green screen or their own version a Tellagami (an animated voice over.)
Tellagami Edu by Tellagami Labs Inc.
I am always mindful of the SAMR model when planning lessons which incorporate iPad. Straight substitution is easy to achieve. It has its place and when utilised properly is very effective. Augmentation is    harder to achieve. Aspects of working with Tellagami’s fall into this category. True placing a voice with an animated avatar is not transfirmational. However you could argue that modification can be achieved when the child who uses the app finally finds their ‘voice’ and expressed opinions that would not normally be heard…
Redefinition of the task has to come through how the task is set up, effectively challenge based learning. Giving the students the skills and ability to transport themselves back to 1666 is quite simply incredible. The green screen technology gives children a passport to anywhere that their imagination allows! Eat your heart out Dr Who!

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