Picture Books and Online Safety

Picture books and online safety

Teaching online safety to year 1&2 is crucial. The essential and life long skills to becoming informed and responsible users of the Internet is paramount. Modelling safe habits and giving honest but contextualised examples is so important.
Stories offer this opportunity if included alongside the excellent CEOP resources amongst others. Having watched the reactions to children watching Hector and his Australian friend deal with the darker elements of the Internet I can appreciate the power of story.
What have I used in the classroom
Webster’s Email by Hannah Whaley is wonderful. It can convey the dangers of attaching an  image to an email on different levels.  For KS2 ask them to re write their own version relating the story to sexting. This could prove even more powerful if the new version of the book was to be made in Book Creator and shared with a different audience. 
Just read and discussed this book is funny, poignant and incisive and will give the honest truth about photos and personal data in a way that only a well written, quality picture book can! 

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