Inspired by Nature – workshop #1

“Eyes for your ears”, “Nocturnal Safety Camera” or the “Echo Headband” are some of the prototypes resulting from the first inspired by nature workshop held at the Living Planet Centre. It was a humbling yet thrilling experience. Supported by our friends at the World Wildlife Fund UK Education Team, the inaugural workshop got off to a flying start!  In fact, “a flying submarine”  was inspired by the wonderous activities provided by  Lizzie, Christiane & Alison.

They made the students and staff from Tudor Court Primary & Writtle Junior School’s feel very welcome and provided an inspiring environment in which to discover and learn about how nature can guide us to design our world more sustainably. As consumers we should be influenced by the animal kingdom using biomimicry to create inventions that can work in harmony with our needs as consumers.

The best part about the workshop is being able to explore ideas interactively in the learning pods. This spurred on the studnets to really put their mind to planning, designing and creating prototypes which were the first thought solutions to the Digital Genius science challenge.

The students used recycled materials to craft their ideas into models so they could elaborate and explain their innovations using Book Creator. Collaborative conversations meant that the ideas were already beginning to change and develop – I’m looking forward to seeing the how the inventions evolve. The unveiling of the ideas will be at the WWF.UK partnered “Inspired by Nature Zone” at the Annual Education Summit. I can hardly wait …


Here are are a few of the ideas being considered…




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