Day 23 – As Easy as Breathing…

Day 23 – As easy as breathing?

Any measure of success for embedding technology into a curriculum is whether the technology is invisible. Do the learners feel they have a capacity to utilise technology when it’s the best tool for the job, as a normal accepted every day occurrence – this is a goal that is worth pursuing.

It seems however that most technology needs to be overtly encouraged. Perhaps the is a need to make a fuss in order to validate the cost, the time spent introducing the new method of learning or the simple fact that the devices are available. So, as teachers we feel a compulsion to ‘shout’ about it every time the device is turned on. That certainly doesn’t happen with times tables practice, an essential life skill yes, but one that is repeated everyday without any special attention or recognition. Perhaps using an iPad in school is still not mainstream enough not to be singled out and highlighted. A little like a student receiving Ritalin for ADHD!
A five star project will take into consideration the following:
1) Accepted aims that are embraced by the staff, pupils and wider stakeholders.
2) Access to training and advice to support ideas which continually encourage on-going CPD
3) Appropriate use of apps, ones that encourage free thinking and creativity and do not stifle or restrict the students ability to make decisions about the information presented to them.
4) Attitude of the students and staff, whether as part of a 1:2:1 or shared set model, can students choose when to use the devices? Is it when it’s the best tool for the job or only as a ‘special occasion’ ‘one off’ when directed by the teacher?
5) Availability of band width – does the wifi and other parts of the infrastructure support the activity in the classrooms. Air printing, up dated devices working in optimal conditions to make picking up the device as natural and easy as breathing…
The final A star would be awarded when the students and staff have the ability to celebrate and share their work, through blogs, a website or in house, on presentation screens that stream an ever changing  series of examples of good classroom practice. This cherry on the cake can be provided by Trilby TV, a simple but effective presentation module that is compatible with Apple TV and allows the students to upload their work in real time to a presentation area or screen. Just sit back and watch the self esteem rise!
What I have used in the classroom today? 
1) BBC. CBeebies Nina and the Neurons – Go Digital Year 1 computing.
2) BBC Bitesize Dance mat Typing for improving touch typing skills to make typing efficient and fast!
3) iTunes U bespoke course to deliver the links for the computing curriculum to Year 1&2.
4) Puppet Pals – to animate stud nets own versions of Roald Dahls Revolting Ryhmes.
5) Adobe Voice – to record the treasure hunt for computing devices around us.
6) Book Creator – to record the research facts on toilets to inform about the African charity.
7) Book Creator – for the ongoing digital profile to capture evidence of progress.
The iPad can provide many opportunities to include rich resources into teaching and learning, as long as the wifi is robust enough for the job…

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