Art – Teach meet highlights

Teach Meets are the best way to connect with like minded colleagues, to share ideas and get new ones! This year the Digital Genius challenges are so varied that the Teach meets have been scheduled to support teachers to look at the possibilities of introducing these wow moments into the wider curriculum.

The ‘digital artist of the year’ challenge is to produce a digital image that captures the spirit of Team GB. In fact, We are fortunate to have Sally Gunnell MBE as an Ambassador who is partnering Solutions Inc for this particular challenge. There are plans afoot to get the Team GB members, elite and Paralympic athletes, together with our DG students to give them the opportunity to capture their likenesses.

The incredible art teachers who have attended the ‘art’ focused Teach meets have demonstrated the digital possibilities with the apps that were showcased. Procreate on iPad Pro is amazing especially when using Apple Pencil, but truthfully Adobe Sketch offers an incredible experience when using the easily selected tools.

The final drawing app that we explored together was Paper53 that greatest attribute of this app is that straight into drawing. I can see endless opportunities for this app to be used in a cross curricular way. It also enables the creative minds that we teach to let their imaginations run free and have fun with the idea of representing sport.

Looking ahead, the students that are going to take up the art challenge and have their prospective work exhibited at the Annual Education Summit 2018 will need to find a new angle for using the digital tools at their disposal. They will show us something special and capture the spirit of sport in the widest context. I can’t wait to see what they produce.

The students who are finally chosen to represent each school will have the chance to gain a golden ticket – their passport to the AES2018.

Keep an eye on the Solutions Inc website for your next nearest Teach Meet, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring your team together  – bring the whole department – for some free CPD if you wish! Of course you can also host a Teach Meet at your school, sharing, collaborating and connecting minds is the best way to learn.