Day 37 – Persuasion

Day 37 – Persuasion

If you use an iPad as a tool for learning  you’ll be more intelligent, fashionable and the envy of all your friends!

The Bronze Age was the context, persuasive writing the LO and digital literacy skills were being honed in design. The cross curricular task meant that the Year 3 & 4 students applied themselves brilliantly and equipped themselves to approach each element with renewed enthusiasm.

What did I use in the classroom today ? 
1) Popplet  to allow the students to magpie and collect their tailored phrases, giving the students chance to collaborate and discuss the various options. The quality of the talk when the students were deciding on their persuasive word options was encouraging.

The finished advert was made in Book Creator or Pic Wall having gained additional resource images from the British Museum, posted on Showbie. 

The task was a success for three reasons
1- the students were self motivated and took the opportunity to personalise their learning.
2- ability was overshadowed by the collaboration and discussions that took place between pupils’
3- the task was completed in the 50 minute lesson time, Shared back to Showbie and marked.
The vertically grouped class of 33 year 3 and 4 pupils, using the iPad gives them the freedom to express themselves . Their creativity is key, they are willing to take risks with their learning. They seem to really look forward to extending their skills and never fail to smoke throughout the lesson.
Teaching with iPad has transformed my teaching and the way the students react to me, this is mirrored in their achievements. They are proud of their work and can’t wait to share their efforts with others.

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