Day 48 – Look!

Day 48 – Look!

Having installed Trilby TV yesterday, I was curious to see how the children would react. It was a case of pressing play and seeing their work on the screen, stand back (prime an iPad with time lapse activated) and watch. The results were exactly what I had hoped…some were lured by the captivating background music, some sat and beckoned in their friends but most gathered to look.

So what was shared on the screen today?

1) The year 3 & 4’s had been building their sill set towards making an advert for an object made in the bronze age. They had visited a recreation of a Bronze age farm at Butser so they had experienced  first hand, the life and had connected with the images used. So, working as teams they finished filming their final adverts. All used Showbieto access their resources and check their task. The green screen wall was put to good use, a teleprompter was authored and set up and on another iPad and of course their was the actor! The script which was rich with persuasive text features like alliteration and exaggerated emphasis (flattery) was scripted on to teleprompter lite so the groups could effortlessly & professionally film their shoots. One quick tap and the work was shared to photos and then Airdropped to the other group members. Each then adding their video to their personal Showbie file. Today however, the video was also quickly up;faded to Trilby Tv and shown within two minutes to the screen in the library…”this is really cool!” was the comment that echoed around the classroom.

2) iMovie – organise pictures and text to communicate a story or instruction – this dry phrase is a statement from the computing curriculum. Year 1 tackled it by making a Movie of their interpretation of the book “Wolves” by Emily Gravett. The children re-created the book by staging and acting out, again in front of the green screen their interpretation of how the wolf was being portrayed. Their literacy skills and digital literacy skills combined to produce a short iMovie. At the editing stage , the short self filmed videos were clipped and given subtitles, the group added a background soundtrack and in addition did voice overs to make the whole project audience friendly. Within seconds it was shared to Trilby TV but also back in the classroom , using Apple TV their work was shared with reception class on their class screen. The QR codegenerated in Trilby TV is on the classroom wall just so that the class can revisit their work at any time.

Wolf Walk by Year 1

3) Year 2 worked on producing a recount of the “Man who walked between Two Towers” by M Gerstein an independent version of adobe voice empathising with the tight rope walker, again, effortlessly shared in both Showbie for assessment and onto the digital screens for a wider audience perspective. Peer assessment at its most honest and powerful. Enabling progress to be made in honing  skills to ensure that the work done on iPad isn’t seen just as a ‘treat’ but accepted as a bone fide way to learn that challenges and demands the highest possible levels of interaction.

Why would you ever need paper? Was a questioned posed today by a teacher who, for the first time had started to comprehend the huge implications on her pedagogy when iPad was available for her children to use in their classroom. It is true that the iPad can easily remove the need for paper and pen, but in the best school’s their curriculum embraces the iPad as tool which can offer ways of learning that is just not possible with a pen and paper. This transformational approach is why I believe that giving the tools directly to the students is paramount; they will reward teachers with endless and unimaginably creative ways to express their understanding.

I love my job.

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