Day 69 – trail blazing

When a school fully embraces technology the possibilities are endless – thinking big becomes the norm. 


Take charity work – the disaster fund created for the displaced of Nepal’s earthquake prompted a den building day. The day was recounted via Quik and shared by the students to TrilbyTv – this easily generated a public link which could be shared using a QR code. These codes were displayed and the ability to be transported back to the event was created.


What have I used in the classroom today ? 
Numbers – currently my year 6 are enjoying the freedom from SATs so functional maths comes to the fore. Setting the work easily on the file sharing app Showbie – I can set up templates and encourage entering functions to make calculations more exciting. 


The students worked collaboratively to produce the profits for their Fairgrouund company and tackled tiers of word based problem challenges without complaint!
GReen Screen and iMovie – excellent creative partners to encourage and support creativity and team work. putting in a production of ‘Shakespeare Rocks’ has meant a multitude of marketing opportunities which expand the use of functional literacy skills alongside developing digital aquity.


The end result a class who are able to express themselves whilst reinforcing the key skills that will strengthen the foundations as they embark on their journey towards secondary school.




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