Day 76 – A New Operating System

Every new academic year heralds a variety of changes in the operating system within the school. Whether that is new staff, a new management structure or new students. Refreshing for most and frustrating for a few…

With the new academic year comes a new operating system from Apple too – iOS10 was released and promised to invigorate the daily classroom as it supports shared iPad and the new classroom app, which puts classroom management centre stage again for teachers. All this should be warmly embraced.

However, a few glitches and further updates later the applications don’t always live up to the promises and additional time needs to be spent developing new skills and procedures to enable the devices to work seamlessly in the classroom. This is true ofter of the device management systems that school’s rely on as the backbone of their deployment. The newest application from Apple is classroom, which has been running smoothly at Barns Green allowing the students the ability to really be stretched as they have been provided with timely & targeted work at their own level. Nothing new…but the beauty of the new deployment method is that the extension tasks can be tailored to the students who perhaps have surprised themselves by shining in one area that perhaps they didn’t believe they would…

What have I been using in the classroom? 

Showbie as a the method to plan, deploy and organise the resources for the classroom.


One way that working with iPad hasn’t changed in the classroom with the blend of traditional equipment with the exercise books supported by iPad as tool for learning. Handwriting has seen a significant elevation through the use of the iPad to give individual reinforcement for the formation of letters using tutorials,  comprehension and SPaG work have seen a rise in accuracy as the test results are proving!


Using the iPad is a natural part of how the students learn. Here the first stages of working with Swift playgrounds show how the computing curriculum can be cross curricular and reinforce digital skills which allow the students to excel and clearly communicate their understanding in their studies.

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