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What have I used in the classroom today?
Numbers by Apple
Logo Draw
Numbers by Apple
 As an Apple Distinguished Educator I have created a course in iTunes U to expand on ideas surrounding this mathematical skill and concept.
One of the major benefits of having iPads in the classroom is for me, the fact that it truly allows different types of learners to engage in the lesson. Being a visual learner myself I appreciate that text can be daunting for some learners. Today was an opportunity to show this new set of students how they can be part of the lesson contribute, achieve and feel comfortable learning by utilising the tools that are available on an iPad.
I love teaching maths. My absolute favourite subject is the times tables, weird I know, but the cornerstone for any confident mathematician. Flexible thinking is as important in maths as being able to speak and explain what you’re thinking. Feeling able to explain in pictures words diagrams how a solution has been reached lays the foundation for mathematicians to be resilient and approach the rigours of GCSE A-level and beyond. I believe that this skill can be taught and should be taught in primary classrooms.

The class today were looking at the patterns created when the products of the times tables are reduced to their digital roots. These patterns repeated patterns are then used as a way to program a floor or screen turtle to create a visual image. These visual images are usually closed spirals and have their roots in Islamic arts tradition.

So today the class were able to practice those basic number skills show confidence and see in identifying repeated patterns, use them in a cross curricular way to visualise the relationships and strength and understanding.

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