Day 79 – Functioning again

Swift Playgrounds coupled with Everyone can Code iBook is a winner.

Fab ideas for the classroom and a 360°view of how children are learning with the integration of Seesaw and Blogging direct from the classroom. This lesson was 45mins but the students were very happy to continue this in their own time – oh the joys of 1:1.

Here are the latest attempts from my Year 5 & 6 students to explain what a function does and how lops and behaviours can be simplified when creating code. Inspired to start with the Macarena – Apple Music to the rescue and impromptu dance moves in front of the class! Who knew…

Blogging direct from the lesson….charting our own success

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Macarena sets the scene for an fun adventure into coding, loops, behaviour  and functions.


Working out the finer details and protocols of naming functions…

I love the fact that the collaborative and supportive nature of this approach allows questions to be asked without fear of embarrassment. We are all learning together. The students look forward to working with new members of their class and get the feedback that really counts – from their own classmates!

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