Dancing Robot Challenge – Starters guide

Robot Dancing Challenge – A Starter’s Guide.

If you are thinking of taking on the Robot Challenge there are five easy steps to take. Watch the short screencasts to show you how to lay down your moves quickly and easily…

Step 1: Buy your MeeBot, download the Jimu app onto your iPad and build your Robot.


Step 2: Create an original score. Use GarageBand Live loops and record your track for the robot to dance to.


Step 3: Code your new moves using Swift, either in the dedicated playground or using the Swift option in the Jimu app itself under coding.  Save your commands.


Step 4 : Synch your robots newly coded moves to your Garageband score.


Step 5: Record your sequence. Register for a golden ticket for the dance off at the AES.

Teach Meets are happening over the next few weeks to give you the opportunity to come and try out coding the moves for yourself. So sign up now!

The students will be asked to submit their final dances at the end of April. So plenty of time to get involved!


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