Connected to Collaborate

Connected to collaborate

Working in a new school highlights the ease at which a new teacher can integrate into the team. If systems are in place to enable multi users to access a single hub of information, communication becomes effortless. The benefits of doing this are simple everyone knows what they’re doing, time is not wasted by inconveniencing others for information and you feel and autonomy with the work that you’re doing. In short you take ownership.  Mobile technology allows the students to emulate  this model of working. So how is it achieved?

What apps have I used today to enhance teaching and learning?
Showbie continues to be an excellent format for sharing and collaborating within a classroom. Students who have only been using this file sharing solution for two days are now able to comment on their work and see that the teacher has taken the time to evaluate their work as an individual.
I would like this to be mirrored in the way that I deal with the numerous teachers and in order to communicate about the specific targeted needs of one or two individual students. In conjunction with Book Creator I have managed to involve the teachers in that learning process by keeping informed and connected. They have a window on the work that I do, although it is done separately to them. They gain a complete picture and understanding of that individuals progress.

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