Global Digital Citizens

Informed, responsible and discerning digital citizens.

What have I used today in the classroom? 
Online safety is embedded now as part of the competing curriculum. However any school work that sort that is considering including mobile technology in their school will have a integrated plan to discuss online safety with the students. This conversation should be had with all stakeholders so that your community becomes connected but also informed and responsible for their actions online. A well written safe user policy is only one aspect of this, giving the children regular opportunities to discuss openly and honestly the issues facing them will equip them with the tools to effectively deal with life online away from the classroom. The excellent multi agency led CEOP website is rich resource that needs to be incorporated into any coherent scheme where online safety is prioritised although a lot of the resources can only be used by specifically trained CEOP ambassadors, there is also a wealth of cartoons and excellent resources that will support and honestly deal with the hardest heating issues facing the students.
To stimulate creative writing is a rich resource of animations and trailers for books. Used in conjunction with the paid app Type Drawing the creativity can be endless!
TypeDrawing for iPad by Hansol Huh

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