Why bother?

Why bother?

Whilst setting up the new protocols for management of the school iPads I found myself asking why? A forward thinking Head who is aware of pressures on his staff but is tied to convention. Why should time be invested in mobile technology?

Why does the inclusion of mobile make a difference? 

It was only when the iPad was introduced into the classroom that it was possible to move away from the traditional instructional mode of teaching to a model that allows the student to take charge of the way they learn. True independence in delivery, discussion and presentation of a subject. Flexible but responsible learners now routinely approach their studies making informed decisions about how best to solve problems and find solutions.  Old programmes of study have been replaced and evolved into more than a gathering of facts. Transformed into demanding that students think for themselves, make connections and discover truths for themselves,   emphasising a challenge based and creative process. This is only possible because iPad enables the learner to utilise the intuitive workflow, collaborate easily with others and supports a final product that is both diverse and produced to an exceptional quality. Their work is truly independently produced as students are at the heart of the learning process, motivated to learn beyond the classroom timetable and challenged to be curious. Students who question learn. iPad has given learners the tools to be free thinkers again. 

That’s why, I believe in the opportunities that these devices can offer. They remain a powerful tool for learning and can transform the landscape for all pupils.

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