Student Lens – iPads in KS4

It’s all too easy to overlook or even dismiss the students view of their learning. As teacher, or as we increasingly use digital tools, perhaps experience designers is a more apt description – we need to be open to listening to our students. Their view on their learning is personal, emotionally based and fully committed. So, I was delighted when I challenged a group of girls recently to explain – from their point of view-the role that digital tools take in their learning. Here is the result

The video took three hours to compile, this process included:

  • Discussion of the task and the possibilities of what to include, mindmap using Notes
  • Negotiation leading to agreement on outcomes and separating into smaller groups (delegation)
  • Allocation of tasks, independently sourcing resources, scripting, collation of resources, filming and editing, decision making whilst refining and responding to limitations. Solving & overcoming problems with availability of footage. (Collaborative features of Pages, Keynote, iMovie, Notes, Camera, Google Classroom, Airdrop) working to deadlines and completing a task in allocated time scale.
  • Editing skills using critical analysis and suitability to audience.
  • Sharing ideas and evaluating impact of end presentation – does it answer the original challenge/question posed? Is it a true reflection from the students point of view?
Warden Park Digital Leaders – embody independent learning with iPad.

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