Day 17- Clean Slate

Day 17 – Clean slate

Today was a pivotal day in the journey of using mobile technology in the classroom. The hundred + iPads in the school that were previously under a different management system were all brought in line under the same MDM. The slate was wiped clean.

It’s the central aim of the school to provide for their students needs. The children are at the heart of the school, refreshingly the school recognise that to enable the students to become connected, responsible and discerning with technology will equip them with the skills they will require and satisfy their ambitious aims.
• We are a child-centred school. Every decision we make is in the childs interest.
• We encourage pupils to become confident learners.
• We are all members of a Learning Family and we speak and listen to each other honestly.
• We listen especially carefully to our pupils.
• We recognise the value of individuality.
• We make sure every child can achieve excellence.
• We celebrate everyones success and learn from our mistakes.
• Ours is a safe, caring and happy school.
I am so excited that the future at this school could provide the opportunities to make the rhetoric a reality. The open and willing nature of the staff is refreshing as they genuinely want to pursue embedding technology as a way to further the life chances of their students. Transformational thinking leads to redefinition in teaching and learning. 
The key is going to be giving the students a stake and a voice in the developments. Initiating a MDM solution is the first responsible step on this journey. 

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