Inspire me…catch me later

Inspire me…catch me later!

School is a very busy place students come first and staff work tirelessly to ensure that the children’s welfare is paramount and uppermost in their mind when planning activities. So how do you reach staff and give them the support and knowledge that you were employed to deliver, without adding extra burden to their day? Twilight sessions, 1:2:1 training, a coffee and catchup chat or I’ll put it in the diary for a few weeks have all been tried. I want there to be a symbiosis between me, the staff and the students. Their expertise is key as they are the ones who have my undivided attention for the majority of the day that I’m in school. Student led learning. These ‘student ambassadors’ ‘ digital genius’s’ & ‘tech team” can fill the knowledge gap through interactive bulletin boards, iTunes U courses and school blogs… I can feel an after school activity coming on! Inspiring through modelling best practice can be emulated by students on their peers and for their tutors. Or even as part of a display to inspire writing.

What have I used in the classroom today? 
Inventioneers this app I use to demonstrate to the students that gaming can be challenging. This fun innocuous looking gaming platform allows the children to use the character of windy to gather three stars and complete a puzzle on each level. Children like to play games but actually they don’t want to be faced with a task that is too hard, As I give up too easily. But ask three before me rule doesn’t apply here! I found this app to be a great way to let the children struggle a little, come up against issues and the need to change their ideas, finesse what they’re doing and be resilient. When debugging any string of code they will need to be able to continue to complete a task and solve a problem. This app allows you to do that in a fun motivating get challenging way.
Inventioneers by Filimundus AB :his app allows the children to enter a world of gaming without