Old Friends

Old friends

A new environment gives you a new perspective. However it’s then when you realise that your old friends are wise and that you’ve taken them for granted. Filesharing and ease of workflow in the classroom is one of the most important things to get right. It’s important that both teachers and pupils have ability to communicate with ease.

What have I been using in the classroom today?
Showbie is undoubtedly an excellent platform for file sharing. The ease at which allows you to sign up the children and immediately get them into good habits of working within the app and sharing to other features makes it a joy to use. Although it would be good that primary schools with limited budget had access to Showbie pro additional features supporting larger video files, this does not stop those schools having the tools to work effectively with their children.
I also like the idea that when your file sharing it encourages in fact demands of the children that their file sharing capacities and management is honed so that blank 17 isn’t shared 19 times back to the teacher! If we are to truly develop and encourage independent any time learning then the use of Showbie also requires the teacher to model the same ideals. Marking on the move and in different formats make sure you be an ideal companion in any classroom.