That was the best Inset I’ve ever had as a teacher! I mastered new skills and feel like I can now apply them to the creative curriculum as I had enough time to try it for myself… I can’t thank you enough Vickie!” 

Sharan – Visual & Digital Media Teacher – Cranford Community College 

“Vickie- You are truly amazing, honestly, you are so calm, clear and encouraging…” 

M. Hawksley, teacher, Bickley Park 

“I just want to say thank you Vickie for the PDM on classroom as it has gone down so well. So many staff were thankful after the meeting and the excitement about using it was amazing. It was nice to see, on my way out on Friday, a htla showing teachers in that year group what she had used in a lesson that day and how the children loved it.”

Paul Williams – Computing Lead, Northern Parade School. 

“Thank you very much again for today, it has been of great benefit to both my Computing lead plans as well as in my classroom.” 

C. Thirkell, Computing Lead, Tudor Court Primary School. 

“Through your coaching and mentoring sessions with the staff it has ensured the use of iPads is habitual, making staff more confident, more efficient (workload) and inspiring, with pupil’s better independent, creative learners.” 

P. Forrest-Biggs, Assistant Head,  Farnborough Hill.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write up the report and for all your hard work and support you have given the staff. It has been great to have your ongoing advice and encouragement. We are really excited about potentially having you work with the children…”

J D’Souza, Digital Lead – Micklefield Prep School

“ I loved how bespoke this training was. It was tailored to my planning and so the lessons always suited the needs of my class.” 

Alana Kemmett, Digital Lead teacher- Bickley Park Pre Prep.

“ …Now I feel that the iPad isn’t in control of me, I am in control of it. I can use it where I see the benefits …increasingly however I am using it a lot to support the boys learning!” 

Alex French – Head of RE – Bickley Park Prep School.

“It was good to see you again yesterday – you certainly gave me a lot to think about which is really good. I’m used to dealing with a lot of different people and organisations, and I can honestly say I find our conversations to be really refreshing and genuinely inspiring. Those aren’t words I use lightly, so genuinely thank you for your support so far – each time I feel like we take a bit more of a step forward.”

P Jeffreys , Digital Lead – Manor Primary School.

“Thank you for an inspirational afternoon Vickie. We all left feeling energised and buzzing with ideas.
Looking forward to seeing you again…”
Kind regards,


MFL Teacher – Yateley Manor School

“Thank you again for your visit. It was fantastic and so helpful. I would love to arrange for you to come back in and train us up on how to use it effectively … maybe do it as the staff meeting for that week?”

Jenny Greensted, Lead teacher – Writtle Junior School

“I thought the session and yourself were great! I agree on the students they were wonderful and got so much out of it. Thanks for everything…

I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Phil Sumner, Digital Lead Teacher – Hove Park School

“Thanks again for today, I just want to say a massive thank you. Both the students/Staff loved it. I always enjoy your training and will ensure we take this forward.”

D Inns – Network Manager – Roundwood Park

“Thank you very much for ….the session you ran last Thursday. It was certainly a good use of our time… the exclusive session did give us a good chance to experience the apps and to give the girls a special experience, for which I’m very grateful.”

Sam Lenton – Head of English & Digital Learning Lead- St Swithuns

“You gave me the confidence not to shy away from change or risk taking. To offer the children a wider variety of teaching and learning styles. Providing them with the tools to become successful adults in the future…”

Carla – Class teacher – Tudor Court Primary

“Thank you for yesterday’s training sessions, my staff were buzzing!”

P.Kyriacou – Head – Tudor Court Primary

“…. very positive feedback from the SLAM group after you had left yesterday…I think you have inspired them to high things.”

R.Cobb – Deputy Head – Bickley Park School

“Thanks for taking the time and effort in showing our staff something new. Not many people have explored Numbers so it would be another tool at their disposal…building the teachers skills nicely!”

J.Janowski – Digital Lead – Royal Russell Prep School.

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